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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 7, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. welcome to "world news tonight." making his case. a turbo-charged joe biden showing his passion. >> i'm mad. i'm angry. >> is he getting ready to run? as a new poll shows hillary clinton weakening. now second to bernie sanders in a key state and losing ground in another. is this race about to change? tipping point. hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from syria. now triggering a global crisis, as they crush european borders. many tonight are now asking, what role will the u.s. play? officer ambushed. another attack on police, this time in las vegas. a man shooting at two officers stopped at a traffic light. blindsided. two high school football players in texas, caught on video, suddenly tackling a referee. why police are now looking into this penalty play.
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good evening, thanks for joining us on this labor day. i'm tom llamas, in for david tonight. with begin with what looked and sounded a lot like a man running for president. a fired-up joe biden. kicking off a labor day parade in pittsburgh. his bounce comes at a troubling time for hillary clinton's campaign. facing a tough fight from bernie sanders in new hampshire and iowa. we begin tonight with cecelia vega. >> reporter: is this a man in the running? joe biden sprinted along a labor day parade route in pennsylvania today, zig-zagging from babies to senior citizens. shaking hands, taking selfies. >> hey, guys. >> reporter: what a difference a holiday weekend makes. the vice president joking when a supporter urged him to enter the race. >> you've got to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that.
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>> reporter: but just last week, this. a heartbroken biden, unsure whether it's too soon following the death of his son beau, in may, from brain cancer. >> can my family undertake an arduous commitment that we'd be proud to undertake in normal circumstances? honestly, i don't know. >> reporter: a decision perhaps made easier by hillary clinton's serious slide in the polls in two critical states. in new hampshire, clinton losing her standing as a front-runner. now trailing bernie sanders by nine points. clinton feeling the burn in iowa, too. her lead slipping there. now down to just 11 points after trouncing sanders earlier this summer. on the campaign trail today, clinton sticking so closely to her message, she's losing her voice. >> i believe i've got the vision, the policies, the skill, the tenacity and the
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determination to get us back on the right track! >> it's not just those poll numbers dogging her. it's the e-mails, too. she's saying she's not going to apologize? >> she said she doesn't need to apologize for having e-mail on a private server. telling the associated press, what i did was allowed. and denied that the e-mail controversy is damaging her campaign, but did concede it's become a distraction for her bid for the white house. >> cecilia, thank you so much. and millions of americans facing punishing weather. from torrential downpours sparking flash flooding in the midwest. to another heat wave sizzling the east coast. from pittsburgh to new york. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: powerful weekend storms scattering beachgoers in florida. the last unofficial day of summer, with beaches almost empty. only a brave few out roaming the sands this morning.
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time lapse video showing the light show off the palm beach coast, and above the nebraska plains. in carroll, iowa, rain falling at two inches per hour. this street turning into a river, swamping cars. >> it came down in a matter of seconds and there was nothing we could do about it. >> reporter: the inside of that man's car, now filled with dirt and debris. this creek in augusta, wisconsin, still swollen after a half-foot of rain in less than 12 hours. >> you can see it washed right on out. >> reporter: in nearby eleva, flood waters overnight leaving behind a muddy mess. clear skies in southern california, but rip currents and waves at newport beach, well over ten feet high. lifeguards rescuing hundreds of swimmers up and down the coast this weekend. >> i was just so far out there. i couldn't -- i couldn't get back. i had no idea it was so powerful. >> rob joins us now. the midwest facing extreme weather? >> yes.
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wind speed reports of up to 80 miles an hour. and look at the radar, a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. central. and heavy rain getting into southern iowa. potential flooding there. ahead of the cold front, record temperatures. newark, 94. boston, 93, an all-time record. so, summer heat goes beyond labor day. >> we were talking about grace last night. what's happening in the tropics? >> el nino has kept this year in check. a weak storm, continuing to weaken. an ominous track, but likely to diminish. like so many storms have this season. we'll take it. >> some good news. rob, thank you. and next to the growing humanitarian crisis. hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing violence in the middle east. rushing across european borders. germany opening its doors, welcoming in nearly 20,000 refugees this weekend alone. and tonight, pressure is growing on the united states. alex marquardt has that story. >> reporter: confrontations in
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hungary between police and refugees. and in greece, the waves of people keep coming. >> the people are coming quicker than we can load them. >> reporter: more than 20,000 arriving in germany in three days. big smiles as they're warmly welcomed. chancellor angela merkel says they're ready to take on 800,000 people this year, and is urging other european countries to step up. those just arriving are placed in makeshift shelters. this was a volkswagen dealership. here is the medical center. back here, a playroom for the kids. and out here, mountains of clothes that have been donated. this man arrived at 3:00 a.m. this morning after fleeing syria a month ago with his wife and four sons.
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>> i'm looking for a future for my child. >> reporter: the youngest, blissfully unaware his house lies in ruins. germany, now his new home. pressure is growing for the u.s. to take in more refugees. just 1,500 over the last four years. a group of democratic senators want to see that raised to 65,000. while some republicans say it's a security threat. today, both france and the u.k. announced plans to take in a combined 44,000 refugees over the next several years. but there's still much more work to be done to come up with a comprehensive plan for this crisis. >> alex, thank you. also overseas, pope francis set to release new rules about how the catholic church annuls marriages. just days after our david muir sat down exclusively with the
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pontiff. his holiness is expected to announce a streamlined procedure, after decades of complaints. that the current system forces couples to spend thousands in legal fees and wait years for a ruling. back here at home, the minnesota dentist whose killing of a lion sparked global outrage, says he's ready to go back to work. and insists he did nothing wrong. here's david wright. >> we are cecil. >> reporter: tomorrow, for the first time since the protesters shut it down, this minnesota dental clinic is expected to be back open for business. dr. walter palmer is now breaking his silence for the first time since his controversial hunt, speaking to reporters from the "minneapolis star tribune" and the associated press, who described him as "tense." >> the bright white smile, we never saw that smile during the interview, it was very businesslike. >> reporter: he told them, "if i had known this lion had a name and was important to the country or a study, obviously i wouldn't have taken it." palmer insisted the hunt didn't break any laws. and he disputed those early
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reports that said he wounded cecil then stalked him for another 40 hours. palmer told the reporters the interval was much shorter. palmer hasn't been seen in public for months. his home, vandalized. his family, receiving death threats. "i've been out of the public eye. that doesn't mean i'm in hiding," he said. >> he mentioned that he's been concerned about the safety of his family. he said his wife and his daughter, in particular. >> reporter: the question now -- will his patients come back? >> on one side, he is an excellent dentist, phenomenal, very high quality. but on the other hand, i don't agree with some of the things ethically that he's done. >> reporter: for his part, palmer said he's heartbroken for his staff, whose lives have now been disrupted. david wright, abc news, new york. next to honoring a life cut short. thousands of police officers from coast-to-coast converged in fox lake, illinois, for an 18-mile-long funeral procession
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to salute lieutenant charles glinowicz, shot to death during the pursuit of three suspects who are still on the run. and to another police shooting in las vegas. two officers ambushed inside of their patrol car. the second police shooting in just two days there. and police are on high alert tonight, amid growing worry that officers are an increasing target. here's ryan owens. >> we have an officer possibly hit by gunfire. >> reporter: ambushed at a las vegas red light, a man with a semi-automatic gun walks up to a patrol car with two police officers inside and opens fire. one of the officers, shot in the hand, radioes for help. >> shots fired, 12th and nellis. i'm hit. 7-11, southeast side. >> reporter: the other officer is uninjured and chases down the suspect. police arrest him without firing a shot. sunday's shooting, the second
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time in just two days a police officer is shot in vegas. friday, two men arrested, accused of shooting at cops with an ak-47 during an alleged burglary. one officer shot in the leg. that shooting, forcing a change in protocol. las vegas officers must now work in pairs. >> the sheriff mandated that it was two men to a car, two officers to a car. >> reporter: those twin shootings come within weeks of several other disturbing attacks on law enforcement. texas sheriff's deputy darren goforth, murdered execution style while he was filling up his patrol car at this gas station outside houston. and louisiana state trooper steven vincent, shot in the head by a motorist he stopped to help. both of the officers shot in las vegas are recovering tonight and expected to be okay. but those shootings, yet another reminder of the dangers officers face just for wearing the uniform. tom? >> ryan, thank you. moving to kentucky, where the county clerk that refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay
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couples is still behind bars. her lawyers have filed an appeal. hoping to reverse a judge's contempt of court ruling. davis says same-sex marriage violates her christian belief. rallies today and tomorrow in her support. meantime, five of her deputies are now issuing these licenses. and now to a bizarre crime in washington state. a suspected squatter is on the run from police after allegedly moving into a family's home south of seattle and selling off their possessions online. here's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: coming home to a stranger in your house is terrifying, but when ed saurs came to check on the house he'd just moved out of and was planning to sell, he found a man inside who was just as surprised as he was. >> and he said, "i'm here for the microwave." i said, "well, no, you're not. this is my house and i'm not selling anything." so i walked around the corner and i saw that my appliances were gone. >> reporter: he says a stranger didn't just rob him.
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he broke in and set up a virtual store, methodically selling his belongings online. the microwave, washer, dryer -- even the refrigerator and tools, all up for sale on the internet. >> the washer and dryer used to be there. >> reporter: tonight, saurs says police are looking for this man, captured running out the back on a neighbor's surveillance camera, who he says was squatting in his house and ripping him off piece by piece. we've seen cases coast to coast of squatters moving into empty homes, even mansions, to live in. but never to set up a web store of stolen loot. >> the money is not the issue. it's the violation, the fact that somebody would come in and have a yard sale right out of my front door. >> reporter: tonight, police are warning homeowners to keep an eye on their property, even after they move out. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the brutal hit in a high school football game. two players accused of going
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back now with a brutal hit on the football field that is now at the center of a criminal investigation. video of the play shows two high school football players targeting the referee in a surprise and dangerous attack. here's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: the referee has no idea what's coming. blindsided in what appears to be an intentional hit. watch as the defensive back from john jay high school in texas, running directly at the ref. and then another player dives into him head-first. >> it's going to be very difficult for them to say it's just unintentional. >> reporter: the players are
5:47 pm
ejected, and suspended from the team and school. in what has now become a police investigation. texas is one of 23 states with laws that make assaulting a referee a crime. those state laws were written mainly with parents and fans in mind. unfortunately, going after referees is something we've seen before. this ugly incident in 2011, when players and fans, unhappy with a call, take down a florida youth referee. the ref settled for more than $250,000. >> it's tradition to hate the referee and to get in their grill and agitate. it's a real dangerous part of the culture. >> reporter: a culture where bad sportsmanship could across the line into criminal behavior. t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. when we come back, the new mystery at stonehenge. what archaeologists found close by that could put the temple of stones to shame. and later, serena williams' dream for a grand slam at the u.s. open.
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relief doesn't get any better than this. advil our "index" tonight. our "index" tonight. starting with breaking news on the search for a blue whale tangled up in fishing lines out in the pacific. it got away from rescue crews off the coast of california on friday. the whale is towing more than 100 feet of fishing line attached to a buoy. but tonight there is hope -- a fishing vessel spotting the whale off the coast of tijuana, mexico. crews now working on a plan to resume that rescue. now, thailand, and a mystery fireball spotted in the sky. check this out. dash cam video captured the bright flash that appeared to be falling toward the ground, leaving a white trail of smoke behind. still no confirmation on if it was a meteorite, or a piece of space junk burning up as it fell from the sky. and a major discovery in the u.k. that some archaeologists are calling "superhenge." not far from the stonehenge site, this video visualization shows what researchers say are nearly 100 massive stones,
5:52 pm
buried just three feet beneath the surface. they say this monument once dwarfed the stonehenge that's still standing. one archaeologist saying, "it has been under our noses for something like 4,000 years. it's truly remarkable." and so many talking about this nfl tweet that might be an outright snub of one the league's star players. take a look at the photo featuring seven of the game's top quarterbacks. notice anyone missing? keep looking. that's right. no sign of tom brady, who just won his court battle against the league, overturning the deflate gate suspension. the photo has been taken down. when we come back, the showdown set for the u.s. open. serena williams, on a quest for that grand slam. could she be derailed by one of the first players to ever beat her? the story, when we come back. when i started a e shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him.
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finally tonight, the sister act playing out at the u.s. open. the williams sisters about to face their toughest opponents yet, each other. venus says she doesn't want to be a spoiler, but she does want to win. and now the world is watching this sibling rivalry on center court. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: top seed serena williams smashing her way into the u.s. open quarterfinals.
5:57 pm
the 33-year-old now one step closer to becoming the first tennis player since 1988 to win a calendar grand slam, taking all four major tournaments in one year. but standing between her and glory, older sister venus. >> she's playing so great. i barely had time to get ready for my match. she played so fast. >> reporter: the 35-year-old venus making a comeback, chasing her first major title in seven years. but struggling to emerge from her little sister's shadow. >> what's it been like to live the most public sibling rivalry in the history of sports? >> awesome. it's been awesome. >> reporter: and serena is feeling the pressure. >> she's a player that knows how to win. knows my weaknesses better than anyone. >> reporter: it will be the 27th time the sisters have faced off against each other. serena beating venus 15 times. most recently on her way to the
5:58 pm
wimbledon title in july. serena is favored to win the match tomorrow, but don't count venus out just yet. the two have played each other four times at the u.s. open, with each winning twice. whichever way it goes, there's one thing for sure. >> a williams will be in the semis, so that's good. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, at the u.s. open in new york. >> we'll be watching. thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas. david muir will be back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night. an escalating migrant crisis is hitting the bay area. and an investigation in san francisco after police find this spray painted at five places in one neighborhood, plus?
5:59 pm
>> he turned away 50 customers just looking to eat lunch. outraged business owners in millbrae. why they say they may not have power for a week. the undoing of a triple masked biker accused of smashing into the window of a car. and it's happening now in angel island. the coast guard is searching for a missing man. sky 7 is live over the scene with a man who spent the night on the island with a friend went missing this morning. >> marin county fire tells us the 42-year-old from san francisco was last seen around 1:00 a.m. on board a leased boat anchored in ayalo cove. his wife reported him missing around 6:00 this morning. >> state parks workers started the search on their own but requested help from the coast guard and sheriff. we've seen boats and jet skis searching the shore line. >> helicopters are on their way to help look from above.
6:00 pm
do stay with us for more information as we get it. and get breaking news on our website >> we do want to thanks for joining us on this labor day weekend. >> now, a local fire caught up in the migration crisis in europe. >> hundreds of thousands of migrants are leaving the places they call home. one iraqi family is desperate to get their father out of danger. many are making their way north to europe tonight, trying to escape their war-torn countries. >> in hungry -- hungary, thousands tried to break through the lines and head to


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